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Poop Loop™

Poop Loop™

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Walking your pet has never become so easy. Stop holding your dog's bag of poop. Tie our poop bag holder to your pet's leash or bag + push the knot of the used poop bag through the loop (slot). Then throw the bag away when you find a trash can! No more unwanted mess or carrying around your pet's poop! Easy as that! 

#1 Scoop Poop
#2 Tie The Knot
#3 Push Through The Loop
#4 Dispose Waste Bag When You Find A Trash Can

🐾 7 colors
- Hot Pink
- Orange
- Lime
- Turquoise
- Blue
- Dark Purple
- Black

🐾 Poop Loop
🐾 Waste Bag Carry Clip
🐾 Waste Bag Holder
🐾 Hands Free Dog Poop Bag Holder
🐾 Dog Poop Bag Holder
🐾 Hands Free
🐾 Material: Silicone

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